screenshot of the InkSlingers home page


screenshot of the InkSlingers home pageInkSlingers is a Wellington-based social writing group of which Andi is a member. They had previously been using a Facebook group and a Slack team for organising and discussion. This mostly worked fine, but they lacked a central place to gather key information, especially for those not active on Facebook, and there was no easy way to request an invitation to the Slack team.

Inspired by the name of the group, we opted for a monochrome site, with an ink blot across the background and a title font that mimicked the output of an old fashioned typewriter. We made links to Facebook and Slack prominent as they are still what the group uses most, and added a custom contact form that gathers some information about prospective members to ensure they are genuinely interested.

You can view the full InkSlingers site at

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