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Andi Buchanan

Andi Buchanan

Web Developer

Andi is passionate about building highly usable, responsive, and accessible websites, using technologies including JavaScript (including node.js and React), PHP, Ruby on Rails, and content management systems like WordPress. Andi is a graduate of Enspiral Dev Academy, is Google Analytics certified, and often has prehistoric creatures on one or both shoulders.

Kelly Buchanan

Kelly Buchanan

Technical Consultant

Kelly has over 20 years experience as a web and software developer, including skills in PHP, Delphi, and Visual Studio, as well as the web essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She has a BSc in Computer Science and a Diploma of Art and Creativity from the Learning Connexion and likes science fiction and appeasing the Cat Executive Officer.



Cat Executive Officer

Turtle-Ann assists mainly by ensuring her colleagues stretch their legs to open doors for her, which she then looks at dismissively and refuses to walk through. She takes her payment in fish.

How We Work


We’ll talk to you to find out who your client base is, and what you most want from a website. We understand you might have detailed plans for your website, or only vague ideas, and we can offer you ideas and options based on either. We can meet you in person in the Central Wellington and Lower Hutt/Petone areas, or Skype all over the world. If you prefer communication by email or text chat, we’re very happy to do that as well.


We can build a website for you, but we can also build one with you. Perhaps you’re comfortable editing your own content but need some help with the setup and design? Maybe you’ve built a website but want some custom features? Or perhaps you want to build it all yourself but want some advice on where to start and what tools to use? Our web tailoring service is customisable to your needs. And if you want something outside our skillsets (such as a logo, content editing, or book cover design) we’re happy to recommend other professionals who can help out.

Responsive Design

Today’s users expect to be able to access your site on the go – and we can help them do that. For us, ensuring your sites display well on phones and tablets as well as on home computers isn’t just an optional add on – it’s an integral part of every site right from the start. We’ll test your site on a variety of devices and ensure it not only works on all of them but looks great at any size. And if you have an existing site that’s not looking so good on mobile, we can help with that too.


Want to see how many people are visiting your website, track the success of your marketing campaigns, or understand customer behaviour on your site? See where customers drop off in the sales process or look at the effectiveness of advertising with Google Adwords? We can set up and configure Google Analytics to bring you the data specific to your needs, and help you grow your audience.

E-Commerce & Appointment Booking

Still taking orders by email? We can implement effective e-commerce solutions on your website that build customer confidence and enable you to focus less on the admin work of sales and more on your core business. Or perhaps you’re selling a service that relies on appointments? Rather than you going back and forth with your clients on availability, with our solutions they can see when you’re available and book an appointment in just a few clicks. Get in touch to see how we can tailor solutions to your business.


We work quickly. Small changes can usually be made same day, and if you need a website urgently we’ll do everything we can to have it up and running when you need it. Get in touch for a timeframe estimate.

Looking for a new website? Get in touch today.

Contact us!


If you’re looking for a brand new website, check out our great value packages. We build beautiful customised websites using the WordPress content management system for easy updates.

If none of the below meet your needs, contact us for a custom quote.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.


Our standard package includes the design and build of a website (up to ten pages) for your business. Want a blog, social media integration, a google map showing your location, or a contact form? This package includes any – or all! – of these. Our standard package is most suited for small businesses who do most of their business offline but want a web presence so customers can find them – perhaps if you’re a restaurant, or a tradesperson, and also includes assistance organising a domain name and hosting, and written instructions on how to update your content.



This package is everything you need to sell your products online to the world, with integrated shopping cart installation and stock management solutions. This package also includes everything from our standard package, plus a complex custom Google Map (for example in a custom colour scheme, or showing multiple locations), and a one hour in-person or Skype tutorial on how to use and update your website.


Appointment Booking

Playing phone tag with your clients trying to book appointments? Our appointment booking system lets you control your availability, and manage your time, while clients make appointments with just a few clicks. You can even charge them upfront when they book. This package also includes everything from our standard package, plus a complex custom Google Map (for example in a custom colour scheme, or showing multiple locations), and a one hour in-person or Skype tutorial on how to use and update your website.


Indie Author Special

This special package for Indie authors includes everything you need to promote your books to the world. Along with all the basics, it includes management and display of your books (with buy links and the ability to sell direct from your site if you wish), creation and integration of your author newsletter, a blog, and a press pack to help bring your work to the attention of the media.



Web Tailoring might be for you if you have an existing website that needs some attention, or if you’re comfortable creating and maintaining a basic website yourself but need a hand with some more advanced features.

Some of the uses of web tailoring include…

  • Using CSS to customise the design of your site (for example to change your colour scheme or fonts).
  • Adding e-commerce or appointment booking functionality to an existing website.
  • Adding custom Google Maps to your site (for example to show multiple locations for to use a custom colour scheme).
  • Ensuring your site displays well on all kinds of devices, from small phones to large monitors.
  • Using Google Analytics to analyse traffic to your site, the success of marketing campaigns, and more.

Our standard rate is $45 an hour, and we are happy to provide quotes on request. Contact us for more.

Our Portfolio

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