Web Bytes: how do I see Site Stats for my WordPress Website?

hands holding tablet which shows site stats

You have a WordPress website up and running but is anyone visiting it? How are they getting there – and how long are they staying? Are your marketing campaigns working. You need some site stats.

The simplest option is to install an extension called JetPack by WordPress.com. You’ll need to connect this with a WordPress.com account – if you don’t already have one you have the option of signing up for a free account.

JetPack brings with it a whole selection of goodies, many of which you will find useful for your website, so take some time to look around it. But we’re here for the site stats. Once you’ve installed, activated, and connected JetPack, you will be able to see basic stats – how many site visits and page views per day, week, month, or year, and some basic information about how those visitors got to your site.

For many people, the site stats that come with JetPack are all they need. If you’re not sure, give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if it’s sufficient. Some users, however, will want much more details. That’s when Google Analytics comes in.

Google Analytics can give you a level of detail that JetPack statistics can’t. Google Analytics can tell you things like: are people who get to your site via a Google search more likely to spend money than those who get there via social media? Do visitors from New Zealand spend more or less money than visitors from Australia? For those who begin but don’t complete a purchase, at what stage are they most likely to change their mind?

Sound useful? Google Analytics might be for you.

I won’t lie. Google Analytics can be a bit of a learning curve. It’s range of features – what makes it so useful – can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a quick search will bring up a lot of resources, both the (free) official Analytics Academy training, and many other options. I recommend focusing on what you need to know, and learning to block out the aspects that aren’t relevant to you.

There are many options for setting up Google Analytics with WordPress, but I recommend you try MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights makes everything that bit easier for you; showing you the information you need, right on your dashboard. Setup is much more straightforward too. Give it a try!

At DragonByte we can set up the analytics you need, on a site we build or your existing website. Check out our packages and pricing or get in touch.