Web Bytes: What is a Hamburger Menu?

Welcome to Web Bytes, a series that gives quick answers to questions we’re asked at DragonByte, and that you may have been wondering about too. Today on Web Bytes, we’re answering:

What is a hamburger menu?

Unfortunately there are no fried onions, cheese, or even beetroot (hey look, we’re in New Zealand) in the type of hamburger we’re talking about today.

You’ve almost certainly seen one before, even if you didn’t know what it was called. If you’re looking at a mobile version of this site, you can likely already see one in the top right hand corner. Though the colour scheme varies, a hamburger menu looks something like this:

That’s three horizontal lines, one above the other.

Also known as the “three bar” or “three line” or even the “hotdog” menu, the hamburger menu is a convenient way of hiding away the menu on a small mobile screen where space is at a premium. If you click on it, a menu will unfold, something like this:

the dragonbyte menu unfolded as seen on a small mobile screen

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s so called because the bars resemble the bun and filling of a burger. It actually dates from the eighties but has seen a more recent resurgence in use.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be answering more byte-sized questions. Have something you’ve always wondered about? Feel free to contact us and we might feature your question in a future installment.

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