Function and Speed: A Website Case Study

Some websites are all about the design. They’re about grabbing interest from new customers, and generating excitement about your products. And some of them are quite different.

We were asked to build a website for an Occupational Medicine conference at short notice. The main purpose of the site was to enable participants to view and download presentations and handouts. Here’s what we came up with:

screenshot of Foundations Live website

The site included passworded schedules for each day of the conference, from which participants could either download a pdf or view an embedded powerpoint.

This site wasn’t about attracting new customers. Everyone using it would be already registered for the conference. So we chose a simple theme and didn’t focus on making it flashy.

That didn’t mean ignoring design entirely. Quite the opposite in fact. One of our key considerations was that many of the participants would be away from home and using mobile devices. We focused on ensuring the site displayed well on all devices and making it easy to read and navigate – and, of course, getting it finished on a tight deadline.

As always, building websites is about understanding the audience and building to their needs.

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